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The Danish Nurses Organization

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A dynamic solution for a dynamic organization. 
The Danish Nurses Organization’s head office in central Copenhagen is a stately building with long-standing traditions and many busy meeting days. The building is occupied by six trade unions, and the many meeting bookings and room references are controlled by an electronic system – the Novicom system.

Everyday, the Danish Nurses’ Organization’s signage solution guides the building’s many guests and employees around the plethora of meeting rooms. In the reception area there is a 30” screen displaying an overview of the meeting rooms, while smaller 15" screens at each meeting room show who has booked the room and for how long. The system also consists of a wayfinding module which communicates directly with the organization’s Microsoft Exchange booking system, ensuring that meeting information is automatically transferred to reduce keying in to a minimum.

Besides meeting information, the Danish Nurses Organization can also screen presentations, video clips and rolling news from the internet on the screens. The system gives all guests and in-house employees an overview of meeting activities and enables them to find their way easily to the right meeting room - a source of great satisfaction to employees and guests alike.

The Novicom system has been in operation in the building for several years and has proved extremely stable. The Danish Nurses’ Organization has a software maintenance and hotline agreement whereby they automatically enjoy the improvements and developments made to the CosmoSign software package, and help is always at hand when needed.

The Novicom system is a web-based system that can be controlled and operated using a PC with access to the internet. As a result users can operate the program and control the on-screen content from their homes or their place of work. Operators log in with their personal passwords and everyone uses the same templates.

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