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Toronto Region of York

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DanSign and our partner for Ontario, The Brothers Markle, have supplied a complete sign system for the administration buildings of the Regional Municipality of York, Toronto.

The solution comprises advice on wayfinding, the elaboration of a sign manual and production, along with the installation of signs designed in accordance with the municipality’s graphic guidelines.

The main municipal building in Newmarket on the outskirts of Toronto required a flexible interchangeable system that can be continually updated. The building receives many visitors every day, and the wayfinding system must guide everyone to their destination – without difficulty.

The CurveSign system was chosen because it blended extraordinarily well with the building architecture. The municipality also has an ongoing need to change the names and titles on the signs. The CurveSign PaperFlex solution is ideally suited for this – everything can be replaced onsite by the municipality itself.

The Brothers Markle, DanSign’s partner in Toronto, managed contact with the Regional Municipality of York. Several projects are underway, including one for PowerStream, which is responsible for supplying electricity to the City of Toronto.

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