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Regeringskansliet - Sweden

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Regeringskansliet, which is the supreme authority in Sweden, has moved into newly renovated historic premises in downtown Stockholm.

Requirements from Regeringskansliet for the signage was great flexibility, extraordinary quality and design which would fit into the historic buildings. ‘Moreover, per. 2009 the Government of Sweden introduced rules that all signage in public buildings in Sweden must be adapted to visually impaired. So tactile and Braille (ADA) was imbedded into the signs.

Regeringskasliet awarded the project to DanSign and Swedish partner P3N who developed the signage to the building. The modular system PlanSign is used throughout the building for all types of signs. For the room ID signs a custom version with whiteboard vinyl applied to the sign face was developed, so each staff member can write individual messages on the sign  

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